• Material Issue 1 Providing Social Infrastructure in this era with an Aging Society and Declining Population

    Approach to Material Issues

    Seven & i Holdings is working to enhance the convenience of shopping while leveraging the unique aspects of its business and some 20,000?store network as a form of social infrastructure to support consumers inconvenienced by shopping and to respond to changes taking place in society. These changes include Japan’s decrease in population brought on by a declining birthrate and aging society, the advancement of women in society, and the declining number of retail stores, among others. We recognize that fulfilling these diverse needs of our customers is one of our most important and unwavering roles in society. We will continue to tackle these issues as our most importance issues.

    Background to Material Issues

    Inconvenience of shopping and other services due to the hollowing out of lifestyle hubs following aging society and declining population trends

    Japan is experiencing aging society and declining population trends. By the year 2060, the country’s population will dip below 90 million and nearly 40% will be seniors* . The number of seniors living alone continues to increase each year, with the number expected to rise 1.5?fold from the level in 2010 by 2030.
    Meanwhile, the hollowing out of lifestyle hubs following the declining population stands as one of Japan’s major social issues. Forecasts suggest that the number of seniors living alone without walkable access to a supermarket with fresh produce and meat will double by the year 2030.

    * Source: FY2013 Population Estimates, Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

    [Number of Seniors Living Alone] 2010: 4980 thousand persons, 2015: 6008 thousand persons, 2020: 6679 thousand persons, 2025: 7007 thousand persons, 2030: 7298 thousand persons (The number of seniors living alone will increase 1.5 times) Source: Statistics from the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research [Declining number of social infrastructure facilities] 2014 Current Survey for Commerce, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Overview of Report on Public Health Administration and Services, 2014, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Volatile Oil Sales Companies, 2015, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Registration base)

    Promotional Framework for Material Issues

    In response to this material issue, the CSR Management Committee, led by the president, and its subordinate Social Value Creation Subcommittee, work together with the Group companies and related departments to develop various services as initiatives to resolve social issues through business activities, as well as monitoring the progress of activities and promoting new initiatives. These activities are supervised by the Seven and i Holdings Director Executive Officer Head of Corporate Communication Division.

    Contribution to SDGs

    By addressing these material issues, the Seven & i Group is providing social infrastructure such as public services to a variety of people, including seniors, and contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals 9, 11 and 16.


    Seven & i Holdings’ Initiatives

    Shopping Support

    We are working to create new “shopping support” services to assist customers for whom shopping is an inconvenience.

    Reducing Housework

    We are developing and selling cooked meal products based on the concept of individual servings, small volume, and simplicity for those who find meals inconvenient or difficult.

    Expanding Services as a Form of Social Infrastructure

    We are providing public services to alleviate inconvenience for those whose lifestyles are affected by the decline in neighborhood social infrastructure.

    Providing Services to a Wide Range of Customers

    We are expanding services and supporting shopping to enable all customers to visit and shop at our stores feel safe and secure.

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